Posted by: treksinai | August 19, 2008

the blog will continue – but without me

i had a good time out here. it went by fast; as most things do. I got to see much of the region and make friends with many of the locals. I ate well and exercised well. my understanding of culture and religion grew along with my desire to learn arabic. I have a feeling that i will come back here some day… and one thing is for sure – those who are here today, will be here tomorrow. 

I have been going to the same restaurant every day since arriving. The father and son who run the place have become familiar and friendly faces. i still constantly hear my sinai nickname, Zizou, as i walk through town, from people i swear i have never seen before. i don’t mind. at all. I haven’t had to shave myself for the past 90 days… as i get to sit in a black leather chair and have a man with a razor do all the work (i will miss this). 

i have kept over 800 photos in the last 3 months (out of about 1,500) – of truly unique landscapes and experiences. If you ever get a chance, this has got to be a place you visit at least once in your life… and the sooner the better as it is growing quite quickly. it’s just an all-round cool place. i still look at the peaks around Catherine and wonder if they are really real. i will miss these baron granite giants. 

But alas, i have to go on my last run through these mountains. . . and start saying goodbye to the Mohammads. all of them.


First time i had seen this many clouds!

First time i had seen this many clouds!


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