Posted by: treksinai | August 8, 2008

funniest thing i have seen in a while

I was walking through St. Katherine at around noon, heading towards the restaurant – when a dog came flying by, galloping like a horse – then in full stride (picture this with me…), she was just leaping from her hind legs when in mid-air she got SUCH a serious itch on her tale that she contorted (while hanging in the air at full pace) her entire body so that before touching the ground she was chewing/biting her serious itch… fervently.

Now if you are imagining this with me, then it will not take much to picture the landing of this female dog (Bingo). she hit the ground hard and must of slid at least 2 feet BUT wasn’t even slightly deterred from biting her serious itch. I laughed and thanked the heavens for having witnessed such a unique occurrence. Then i wandered, for about the next 30 minutes, about what could cause such an intense itch…


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