Posted by: treksinai | July 17, 2008

“We’re not even Keeping Score!!”

I have been accused of sometimes getting “too into it,” … “it’s just a game Pierre”… “winning isn’t everything,”… I even got a detention for kicking my best friend while lining up after recess, because he claimed the score was 2-2 and i knew it was 3-2! (i still believe it was) Anyway – so i play almost everyday with the local bedouins. It’s the worst terrain ever, and they play with a large hard sticky ball, so it isn’t really football, as we know it…  if this doesn’t make sense, no worries.

The point of this entry – is to tell the world that i have never seen as much passion, vexation, outrage, indignationyelling, rage and horror as i do everyday on the soccer pitch. Yesterday we had already been playing for 45 minutes when there was an ‘iffy’ goal – it was hard to tell if it actually went in or not…

A REVOLUTIONARY mutiny surged in moments! Medium-sized-Muhammad raged at Small-Muhammad, which brought skinny-Muhammad and thick-Muhammad into the conflict, where big-Muhammad was yelling at nothing in particular. As the Muhammads outraged, i ask Muhammad what the score was… he didn’t know. no body knew! WE WEREN’T EVEN KEEPING SCORE

You wouldn’t believe how serious this was, The keeper left the game, two guys refused to play, and skinny-Muhammad told thick-Muhammad that their blood-lines will from henceforth never mix again. i was STUNNED at this particular incident, but in everything – such intensity; every bad pass, every missed attempt, every ball that doesn’t go to the right Muhammad, is a SERIOUS problem that must be dealt with by flailing the arms, grabbing the culpable Muhammad, ferociously furrowing the brows, and Yelling uncontrollably. 

I love it.

even after 3 hours of playing, they run less, but the fits of outrage are still Steady and Unfluctuating. In the West, people don’t care as much, therefore don’t try as hard – which makes Sport less passionate… and what is sport about?… passion!


a 30 minute "outrage" caught on camera

a 30 minute "outrage" caught on camera


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