Posted by: treksinai | July 16, 2008

Into the Wild!!

just kidding – but i want to mention a couple i have been hearing about in town. a german couple who came to the sinai  with/by donkeys from Germany. It took them 7 years to make it here and apparently they have some amazing stories. I may try interviewing them, as i have heard that they were attacked, robbed, and even hospitalized, as well as losing a donkey in Greece (i hate it when this happens).



The Justice system in St. Katherine, Egypt: if you accuse someone and they don’t fess-up, you go before a town council – they heat up a piece of metal until it is red, then both of the people involved in the ‘conflict’ LICK the red hot piece of metal… the ones who’s tongue burns is the villain and has to pay the other. (apparently this is an old system that has lasted centuries… and works!) now of course being a western modernist i immediately tried to think of the science behind this… but, i don’t understand how it could have lasted this long if it wasn’t true. But you probably wouldn’t accuse falsely or steal things if this was the justice system.

On another note: This is an amazing place to work out. You can run for hours in the cool morning air, through high altitude desert planes and mountains, the paths are soft, the views are stunning… a camel pack is necessary. But you don’t feel like stopping… you just want to run and run. I also started loading my backpack with 1.5 liters water bottles… everyday i add one or two and try to do the same amount of pushups (i actually get excited when i am heading back to my room with two empty water bottles!). Then i go behind my room and pick up large rocks : ) well they are actually small, but they’re heavy! i promise.  – Dave, one of the guys who works for Sheikh Sina as well is planning on doing a Marathon de Sable training program up here in the sinai mountains. i think it is a great idea. 

okay, that’s all. be well. be safe. 


just behind the clouds lies the highest mountain in egypt

just behind the clouds lies the highest mountain in egypt


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