Posted by: treksinai | July 9, 2008

Attempting to Run up Mt. Sinai

Apparently it’s a 3 hour hike to get to the top from St. Catherine monastery. I think i may have overestimate my fitness, believing that i could jog up without too much difficulty. well…. It’s stairs all the way to the top! I started my stop watch with a hand on the wall of the monastery and took off with a strong stride and lots of confidence. The problem with my timing was that the 600 people who go up the night before to catch the sunrise were all coming down at this point. Being someone with a… decent amount of, let’s call it pride, i certainly wanted them to be impressed (even though i would never see them again) by my manly morning jog. I made sure to stop the heavy breathing as i jogged past them, i would sometimes stop, acting like i was just being polite and giving the passer-byer more room… when really i was just about to pass out. So – with this in mind, and with the constant flow of people coming down the mountain, (i must humbly admit that they were impressed) i almost fainted and vehemently prayed for Jesus’ immediate return. Unfortunately his return did not take place and i had to stop jogging – after about 15 minutes. (so all that previous stuff was the first 15 minutes of my manly morning jog) 

Anyway, so i had to resort to a quick, long strided walk up the mountain. I could hear people thoughts, “pff – what a pansy can’t even run up Mt. Sinai” so i would gather all my manliness and start running again… for about 17 seconds. I kept thinking to myself, “Why… why upon this mountain!” I got to the top 36 minutes and 50 seconds later. It felt much longer… i looked out at hundreds of south sinai mountains and valleys completed deflated of strength, energy, and of course manliness. This manliness being fueled by heavy music was doing nothing for me so i switched it off and listened to Avril Lavigne, made more sense. After about 15 minutes up top I headed down the stairs/mountain. It took 30 minutes to get to the monastery… which surprised me as i thought going down would be quite a bit quicker.  When i got to where all the people were at the monastery, i of course picked up my run and soared past them. When i got back to camp, my legs were shaking uncontrollably… but i told the people who saw me there, that it was simply how i dance to Avril Lavigne. I think they believed me.  

I don’t know if i will do this again – i had a headache for the rest of the day… I wonder if Moses would have been impressed, or thought, “what a pansy – can’t even run up my mountain.”

Here’s a visual of Mt Sinai surrounding… the peak you see there is mount Sinai


Mt. Sinai in the distance...

Mt. Sinai in the distance...

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