Posted by: treksinai | July 2, 2008


I have been away for the past 10 days traveling through Jordan, Syria and Israel/Palestine. Yes, it was quick, but i saw all the sites i wanted to see except for Aleppo in Syria. It is quite easy to get from St. Catherine to Petra in one day. And certainly worth the trip… and israel is only about 2 hours away.

Anyway – My last day of vacation i went to a beach town along the Red Sea called Dahab (Gold, in Arabic). This is the photo you see here – it is about 1.5 hours from St. Catherine in a mini-bus costing about 4 or 5 american dollars. I found a place to stay for 2 dollars a night and a snorkeling kit for 2 dollars a night.

I placed my white body on a beach bed and tanned for a few minutes before no longer being able to resist the water. I have never been snorkeling in my life and apparently this area is one of the best places in the world, as there are coral reefs all along the coast – with amazing fauna and flora. So i plunged in with my flippers and goggle set – it was incredible. Despite the many divers deep or not so deep below – i still felt like i was alone in a whole new world. Diving deep so that i could look up at the world above and get the flying sensation. It is so free under the sea and the flippers made me feel like a torpedo… a rather slow one, but never-mind. The coral was shallow close to the beach, but there were sudden cliffs that went deep into the dark sea as i went a little further. I was told that just a few kilometers down from here was one of the nicest places on earth to go snorkeling (the Blue Hole). I will go in a few days…

I hope the photo speaks for itself. It is nice to go from St. Catherine to Dahad, but also nice to return; as St. Catherine is 5,000 ft higher with a much cooler temperature and far less tourists.

snorkeling in the red sea!


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