Posted by: treksinai | June 19, 2008

Scorpion in my Bed

I was setting up my mosquito net before bed, usually I turn off my light, but this time i decided to tuck the net behind the pillow before turning off the light. i saw half of something, wasn’t sure what it was barely sticking out of my pillow, i slowly lifted up the pillow case, and there appeared to be a dead scorpion.

I starred at it… then realized i should probably kill it, went to get my shoe – as i approached it the second time, it scurried under my sheets. So i went to the caretakers of the Camp, they immediately came running and literally tore my room apart (not really looking, just shaking everything) searching for this scorpion. After not finding it they started to wonder if had just seen things.

i changed rooms, this morning they cleaned everything and i should be back in tonight. But – now i’ll be a little more aware, at least for a while. 



  1. je me rapelle quand j’etais en Tunesie avant de connnaitre ta maman en 1975, une petite fille de 8 ans dormait par terre, un scorpion l’a pique dans son cou, elle est morte 8 heures apres! Le pere est venu avec sa fille dans ses bras, en sanglotant! tout ce que j’ai pu faire comme medecin etait d’injecter des calmants (parcequ’elle hurlait de mal!)

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