Posted by: treksinai | June 16, 2008

trying a climbing short-cut in the wild…

so i took off this morning – trying to catch one of my colleagues/boss who went up with a bedouin guide and a french freelance journalist to Mt. Kathrina (the highest in Egypt) an hour or so earlier. i thought i knew which peak was Mt. Katherina so i cut straight up the mountain (it wasn’t Mt. Katrina)… instead of taking the zig-zag trail. I was on all fours the entire way, it got so steep that i left my water bottle behind. this is when my heart started beating and i switched off my ‘pump-up’ music. My mind went to ‘ultra careful/risky’ mode which often makes your legs shake a little bit (: but my manliness tried to overcome this reaction…

often i would think, okay, just up this section then i’ll stop (it would calm me down) then one more section, then one more… i never made it to the peak (the red dots indicate from and where i got to), but got pretty close. going down was even worse as one constantly has a great view of the fall. it is quite slow going down when it’s this steep, and discomforting when you just see dropping ledges  I set up little piles of rocks as i went up so that i could take the same path down. this saved me. 

Anyway, i will post photos of the view on the flickr link. 


trying to summit this peak - quite a thrill... almost too much


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