Posted by: treksinai | June 15, 2008

Camel School!

i have a bruise right in the middle of my back. and my rear feels like it has been massaged for three consecutive days by a big man with giant wooden fingers.. apart from that, today feels good. Yesterday i went in a truck for about 9 minutes, then hiked about 28 minutes to get to a Camel school in the middle of a large desert mountain plain. Our instructor was an 18 yr old bedouin by the name of Muhammad. not the kindest of cameleers but he  certainly knew his stuff. 


My Camel ‘Aboot’ was kind, but so whiny. camels are the whiniest (maybe with reason) creatures i have ever heard in my life. they just go off with their noises, every little thing … imagine a human looking around… or being ridden – nevermind. learned how to sit a camel (on and off the camel), stand a camel (on and off), tie its leg up, saddle it, ride it slow and fast, and most importantly how to sit on a camel without wishing death upon myself. (either way, not very comfy – but still feels pretty cool) so, a photo will tell a better story than my writing, so… here you go. 


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