Posted by: treksinai | June 14, 2008

A mini-Trek . . . and tea

the day started as usual in the office – which has a pull-up bar in the middle of the room (sometimes i hang from it or pathetically try one arm pull-ups). anyway, one of the ex-pat guides from Hungary with an Australian passport asked me and 2 other co-workers if we wanted to see some gardens up in the mountains and meet Dr. Ahmed – the herbalist of the St. Katherine area. Sure – we said, had tea, and headed up the mountains leaving the office behind.  

Just a quick note: apparently the sinai mountains are of the oldest in the world – which is not difficult to observe. Massive pieces of these granite peaks have been falling off for many many years and have created unique valleys (wadis) scattered with boulders of every size and shape. All the mountains seem to be falling apart and slowly slowly coming down back to the ground. You look up and around and witness this journey, witness thousands/millions of years in ‘process,’ in mid-story… kind of neat.

okay back to the story: so after 20 minutes of walking we go over a ridge and down into a beautiful valley where a small monastery is garnished with trees and plants; making it stand out substantially in these desert mountains… where the color green is like the color blue in england. anyway, so we stopped at a little bedouin mountain house and drank tea under the shade of a bamboo shelter. After which we went a little further up the valley and found incredible coves under boulders where one could easily sleep and spend an amazing night/evening. and had tea. – then on to the herbalist, never met him. went to his garden (where we had more tea) about an hours walk from the bedouin home and then headed back to St. katherine. The trek back was really nice, between two mountains – a certain path for flash floods (not the season), a bit of climbing or 4-limbed hiking required, but nothing too risky. when we finally popped out, we were in a small mountain village which required having tea again – drove back to St. Katherine in a taxi, went to the shesha cafe, ate kebab, watched Germany play Croatia. and had tea.  

monastery (Wadi tala)  


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