Posted by: treksinai | June 11, 2008

Running through the wilderness…

I left just before 8 p.m. last night to go on a run through two different valleys between Mt. Katherine (the highest in Egpyt) and Mt. Sinai (the most famous in Egypt) i brought my head lamp thinking that it might get dark. For the first part of my expedition i had a stray dog run with me (i kept thinking it might bite me) – but eventually when i started to head up into the mountains it decided to sniff whatever was around… it’s a good thing i brought my headlamp – by the time i returned it was too dark to see without it.

BUT – as i got up to the narrowing valley between the two rocky peaks, i had to climb up a little hill to start heading down the next valley, at that point i turned around to see where i had come up from and was moved beyond words at the reality of what i was feeling and seeing. the breeze was cooling, the scenery was incredible, the sun was setting behind the mountains, and i was all alone, running! in the sinai desert mountains. what may have added to the effect was the music i was listening to… but either way – i haven’t enjoyed a run ever this much in my life – the trails were nice, spontaneous, and winding only as much as the valley… i wish i could have filmed it… anyway, maybe i will someday. 


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