Posted by: treksinai | June 6, 2008

A Castle in the desert?

A king of egypt had respiratory issues back in the day so he decided to scatter 10 pieces of meat on ten specially picked mountain tops. The summit where the piece of meat had decomposed the least became his choice for the new royal castle. (i don’t know how intelligent this experiment would be considering decomposition is mostly due to bacteria, or flies laying eggs etc. so… anyway)

Here is a photo from the left-over ruins of the castle – the view was beautiful, but in a unique way as you can probably see. the hike down was a lot of fun because we went down this gully/valley between two mountains where massive pieces of granite mountain had fallen and created a long narrow boulder park. jumping from rock to rock, climbing up and down mini-mountains, going down cracks where sometimes a backpack made you too large to fit. anyway, it was fun time… got back to st. katherine when it was dark, ate kabab drank 1.5 liters of water, then slept like an infant…    




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