Posted by: treksinai | June 1, 2008

climbing Mount Sinai.

it was nice. first visited the 1500 year old monastery and shook as many priest’s hands as possible. saw the burning bush… and just sat there pondering the past centuries of prayer/study and worship that has taken place in this fortress… then took off up the stairs (literally) to the peak of Sinai. there were about 35 camels ready to help tourists up the mountain, but fortunately most of the tourist go early in the morning (for sun-rise, when it is cooler…) i decided to go when the sun was hottest and when the shade had no place to hide. so when i got to the top there was only one other person.


i gazed and wondered at the historical significance of this place, at the amount of minds that have heard and thought about this exact mountain i was sitting on-top of. i was hoping i would feel something. i was hoping i would get a new list of commandments, like the catholic church and its new sins (what about the protestants?) but no. nothing. but it was spectacular nonetheless. came down the mountain back to st. catherine and had an amazing meal costing me less than two euros. then as usual, relaxed and played guitar with a new set of travelers at Fox Camp. 


my friend canadian traveling friend Ben just on the ridge of mt. sinai infront of mt. catherine



  1. Interesting! I love the photo of the man with the kids on the side of the camel 🙂 It must have been an amazing experience going up Mt Sina and being on the top….with all it’s history! x

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