Posted by: treksinai | May 30, 2008

eclectic travelers of the sinai!

the hostel (Fox Camp) i am staying at houses some of the worlds most unusual/interesting people on earth. as you can imagine a holy place for Muslims, Jews and Christians brings the gamut. just last night at the camp i met a christian Indian (very well dressed), a canadian traveling the middle east by himself, an intriguing german who feels a strong filling spiritual presence in st. catherine, and an ex brazillian lawyer who is biking around the world. he started in south america and then crossed the pacific. he has been on the road for 2 years. he was great entertainment and acted out many of his unbelievable stories… you could tell that he was just spilling with words; it must certainly be lonely traveling the world by yourself…

anyway, i can only wait and see who else will pass on through…

PS> played soccer with the local youth club at st. catherine. i think i have friends now. despite tripping over the flat ball… a few times. 

This photo is the vista from the restaurant i ate at for supper last night:



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