Posted by: treksinai | May 28, 2008

arriving in St. Catherine; base of Mt. Sina


I arrived from Sharm El Sheikh at about 1:00 am having gotten a great deal with Easy Jet from London. Spent the night at the Fox Camp, a hostel type place on the outskirts of St. Catherine. The air was much fresher than at Sharm El Sheikh due to being 5,000 ft higher. Even at 1:30 am. there were men on camels chilling out in the fresh mountain/desert air. I slept in a smallish room, but with enough bed space for at least 6 people, also known as an Emperor bed.

I couldn’t wait till daylight considering the last thing i had actually seen was London. The morning came quick and the view was … like one might imagine being in a valley in the sina surrounded by rocky desert mountains at the base of Mt. Sina with the bluest sky i have seen in years. I just sat on a rock, with the morning sun shining down but the mountain breeze making it pleasant to say the least. I had arrived, to stay for another three months and probably meet some of the most interesting people in the world.

The ancient Monastery, having survived since the time of the byzantine empire, at the foot of Moses’s famous excursion, which brought about the decalogue (or 10 commandments), is a place where history can be felt in the rocks and… read in the books. 



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